New! Nikon SeeMax Master and Presio Master Lenses

New!  Nikon SeeMax Master and Presio Master Lenses

Introducing our brand new varifocal lenses by Nikon, SeeMax Master and Presio Master. Both are designed to reduce distortion in the peripheral portions of the lens, and are digitally enhanced for stress free vision. All ‘Master’ lenses are optimised in Japan via Nikon’s Optical Design Engine and manufactured in the UK. now available at The Eyeglass Factory.

In spite of the many technological advances in varifocal lenses, most wearer’s can still experience visual stress in specific situations such as driving, juggling between the television and a mobile phone, and reading wide documents. These are moments where discomfort may be experienced, even with the best lenses and even with the latest designs. Nikon’s brand new ‘MASTER’ varifocal lenses provide wearers with stress free vision, thanks to Nikon’s 3rd Generation Aberration Filter Technology.

Master utilises this technology to remove the distortions and blurriness usually experienced on the peripheral portions of the lens. Two main technologies, binocular tuning and deformation tuning, reduce the swimming effect to create a more stable image, whilst removing blurriness by matching the images perceived by the left and right eyes. This reduces wearer’s visual stress to a minimum level. Learn more…