French Pop Music-Derived Eyewear By Vinyl Factory

French Pop Music-Derived Eyewear By Vinyl Factory


French pop music-derived eyewear by Vinyl Factory is now available at

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Vinyl Factory brings us back to the nostalgia of an unbridled time, when artistic and musical creation was following the example of multicultural diversity.  Directly inspired by the 60-70′s spirit, the brand interprets classic old-style models on the latest fashionable rhythm. (Read more at Smarter Eyewear)

Models include established icon-evoking pieces as the Sinatra (Frank, of course), Osborne (Ozzy), Joplin (Janis), Gabriel (Peter), Wonder (Stevie) and Grohl (Dave).

New models included Amos (Tory), Matronic (Ana, from Scissors Sisters), Flint (Keith, from Prodigy), Vega (Susan), Waters (Roger), Vedder (Eddie), Chassagne (Régine, from Arcade Fire), Fenty (Rihanna) and Knowles (Beyonce)—not to mention the Shakur (Tupac) sunglasses.

“They’re retro styles,” said Vinyl Factory territory manager Jessica Leach, “all throwbacks to when there were vinyl records—the 1950s to the ‘80s.”

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“Some frames are designed before they’re named,” noted Cedric Rizzo, export manager for Vinyl Factory, adding that Vinyl Factory also “tries to make frames the artists could wear.” And while it’s “more difficult to have women’s names since there are less female singers and bands,” Rizzo notes that there are nevertheless as many women’s frames as men’s frames, what with the Isaak, as “Chris is a crooner,” and the [Thom] Yorke, as “a lot of girls like Radiohead.”


Vinyl Factory eyeglass frames celebrate pop music artists