Redefining Vision Your Way


Nikon takes on a technological shift regarding the conception mode of its progressive lenses: a truly revolutionary approach towards customization. As opposed to ordinary progressive lenses, the SeeMax Ultimate’s design is never predetermined; it is uniquely created by you. This groundbreaking technology results in a design that considers not only your visual needs, but also your preferences and habits. At last, there is a lens perfectly adapted to you.


Instant focus at intermediate distances

Natural vision when scanning from side to side

Lenses feel like they carry no visual distractions

Wearers forget that they are wearing progressives


Insights Technology

Nikon’s new patented Insights Technology allows every SeeMax Ultimate lens to be tailored to your needs, preferences and viewing habits.


Combine the new SeeMax Ultimate with either SeeCoat Bright or SeeCoat Blue Premium and see the best you can